Redefine your bathroom with the impressive range of Mirror Image TVs from ad notam. Custom engineered for the harsh conditions of the bathroom environment, Mirror Image will transform your bathroom with a fully integrated TV that seamlessly disappears when not being watched. Each display is explicitly rated for protection against the high humidity in the bathroom with IPx2 and IPx4 ratings.

    Where to Purchase?

    The entire range of Mirror Image products can be bought throughout Australia from Rabone Systems..

Marble Mirror TV Line

Marble TV Line

The Marble TV line offers the complete solution for your bathroom entertainment requirements with a fully integrated TV and invisible loudspeaker system.

The Marble TV is recessed into your bathroom wall to sit flush with the surrounding bathroom tiles.  Installation is simple with 3 easy steps that only takes 30 minutes for a luxury finish.

With the addition of a Magic Mirror panel, when the TV is powered off the screen area is completely invisible making the Marble TV look like nothing but a stylish mirror on your bathroom wall.

The Marble TV line of bathroom TVs comes with a 17.3” LED screen and the panel is available as standard in either crystal mirror; black glass; white glass; or the Magic Mirror which allows the TV to disappear when not in use.  Custom glass can also be colour-matched to any RAL colour.

Marble TV Brochure
Marble Mirror TV Line

Elegance Mirror TV Line

IF you are after an on-wall solution for your bathroom the Elegance Mirror TV is what you’re after.

The wireless 1080i technology gives you the video quality you expect without the messy installation usually required when trying to hide cables behind the wall.  It’s as simple as hanging a picture.

Audio is provided with the amazing Sound-Through-Glass speaker technology and the Elegance Mirror allows for maximal reflection quality while the image area is almost completely invisible when the 22”LED screen is turned off.

Elegance TV Brochure