Corporate & Hospitality

    Mirror Image is the perfect way to capture the attention of your guests and staff to help communicate your marketing and important news and information. A solution will be customised to seamlessly integrate with your existing or planned design to leave an impression that cannot be matched by traditional flat screen displays. Mirror Image has a product to suit. display solution for your luxury hotel, bar, or corporate complex.

    Where to Purchase?

    The entire range of Mirror Image products can be bought throughout Australia from Rabone Systems..

Corporate Mirror TV

Corporate & Digital Signage

Let a Mirror Image solution make the right first impression with a dramatic display of elegance and technology.

Step above the competition with a customised display solution designed to help integrate your marketing, statements, and advertorials for maximum effect.

Whether it is in reception halls and public spaces, or meeting and presentation rooms, there is a Mirror Image solution available to enhance your corporate identity and communicate your message.

Hospitality Mirror TV


Make a statement at first glance with the Mirror Image range of display solutions. Your guests will appreciate the dazzling design and technology as the mirror TVs seamlessly blends into your d├ęcor to display marketing, advertising, activities and facility highlights.

Continue the statement by easily integrating the Mirror Image range with your video on demand system to provide your guests a mesmerising display of elegance right throughout your building.

Take the experience to the next level by making Mirror Image a part of the bathroom and spa. The Bathroom range of mirror TVs provides an integrated solution that can withstand the harsh requirements of the bathroom environment.